Online Counselling

What is Online Counselling?

Whatever problem it is that you present, counselling will provide a non judgemental environment to support you to understand yourself and your problems better. This can then lead to strategies for positive change being discovered.

Online Counselling does this using emails and/or instant messaging to facilitate this process rather than working face to face.

Online Counselling is not a replacement for more traditional, face to face counselling, but can be a good way of exploring key issues and concerns for those who feel comfortable using a computer and prefer expressing themselves using the written word. It can also be effective for those who have busy schedules and find it difficult to commit to a face to face session at the same time and same place each week.

Time and Frequency

Sessions can take place either in real time, using Skype, or by exchanging emails over a period of time. This can be discussed and agreed in our initial emails based on how you would personally prefer to work.


Counselling via email will be charged for in blocks, costing £50 for 4 email exchanges, paid in advance either by cheque or directly by Paypal.

Counselling via live messenger will cost £20 per session, paid for in advance either by cheque or directly by Paypal.