Frequently Asked Questions

What actually happens in counselling?

Counselling is about the counsellor and client building a professional and safe relationship from which you can talk about whatever you chose to talk about.

A counsellor is not there to provide information, advice or guidance. I will not tell you what I think you should do. However, it is a 2 way process where we both invest our time to understand and explore your issues and concerns. To do this I will listen, ask questions and will play an active part in the process.

For more information about the different Counselling approaches I use, please see How I Work.

What can I expect when I arrive for my first session?

When you arrive for your first session, as you enter the building, a receptionist will be there to welcome you.

There is a comfortable seating area where you can wait, with magazines to read. I will come and collect you from the waiting area ready for the start of your session.

The counselling room is a small room with a desk in the corner and two chairs in it. You will not be expected to lay on a couch!

What if I see someone I know?

Sometimes you may not want people to know that you are coming for counselling. The thought of bumping into someone you know whilst coming into the centre or waiting for your appointment can be worrying.

The Belmore Centre is a busy place, with a wide range of services being offered, from beauty treatments, fitness suite and tanning area. As such, if you do see someone you know, unless you decide to tell them yourself, it will not be obvious that you have come for counselling.

What if I decide that counselling is not for me?

If at any point during the counselling process you are uncertain about whether you wish to continue or do not feel that the approach being used is working for you, do feel free to discuss it with me.

Counselling does not suit everyone, but most of the time the way we are working can be changed to suit whatever your needs are.

There will be regular reviews as part of the counselling process which will also provide opportunities to talk about your progress and what you need from your sessions.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

If for any reason you need to cancel an appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.